Complete Solutions for Process Cleaning (CIP/COP), 
Sanitization & Sterilization (SIP)

Process Equipment for Cleaning, Sanitization & Sterilization 

McFlusion offers modular, customized, process cleaning (CIP/COP) and sterilization (SIP) equipment that are engineered, manufactured, tested and qualified in our facility prior to delivery.

Our process cleaning & sterilization equipment are designed for efficient performance, lean operation and to meet cGMP and GAMP requirements that govern the life science, pharmaceutical and specialty food industries. Our systems are available with various automation, integration, QA and Qualification packages.

Our process cleaning and sterilization equipment is based on a modular, configurable, hardware & software platform - designed for efficiency (full TACCT performance), lean operation and..
Life Science
Highly advanced, modular and/or custom, process cleaning (CIP) & sterilization (SIP) equipment for drug manufacturers within life science, biopharm & vaccine industry segments.

CIP/SIP equipment with full recipe editor, tight process control, monitoring & reporting for applications, such as:

  • Aseptic fill lines w/isolator technology
  • Filter stations
  • Formulation vessels
  • Filling vessels & transfer lines
  • Bio reactors
  • Ultra filtration skids
  • Freeze dryers
  • Glove box isolators
  • Other...

 CIP/SIP systems
CIP/SIP docking stations
Cleaning racks for parts
Portable & stationary process cleaning (CIP/COP) and sanitization equipment for solid (oral) dosage form, chemical API, Cosmetics (OLC) industry segements.

Mcflusion's unique modular hardware & software platform provides full TACCT performance for effective, consistent and lean operation for applications, such as:

  • Fluid bed dryer
  • Blenders
  • Hi/low shear mixers
  • Coating pans
  • Spray drying equipment
  • Cyclones
  • Reactors 
  • IBCs
  • Other....

 Portable CIP units [MEC]
CIP systems [MEC]
Washing Cabinets [MEC]
Specialty Foods & Beverage
Standardized, modular, portable & stationary process cleaning and sanitization equipment for specialty foods and beverage industry segments.

Full TACCT cleaning performance & flexibility provides very effective cleaning operations, while reducing time (less downtime) and water/chemical use for applications, such as:

  • Brew house skids
  • Fermenters
  • Brite tanks
  • Transfer and fill lines
  • Mixing tanks
  • Spiral freezers & proofers
  • Mixers
  • Industrial baking ovens
  • Other....

Portable CIP units [MEC]
Multi tank CIP systems
CIP adapters & devices