Complete Solutions for Process Cleaning (CIP/COP), 

Sanitization & Sterilization (SIP)

Engineering & Consulting
We are recognized as subject matter experts within the fields of process cleaning (CIP/COP), sanitization and sterilization (SIP) and are renowned for providing our clients with the best possible process & equipment solutions to ensure that they can manufacture quality products.
Our engineering & consulting activities focus on developing process technical solutions that are based upon science & facts thru theoretical and practical assessments as well as laboratory to full scale CIP/SIP trials and proof-of-concept testing.

We are very solution orientated in our approach - whether we are dealing with trouble-shooting and upgrading your existing cleaning/sanitization operations or dealing with a new project.

CIP/SIP process consulting
Solution-orientated engineering & consulting

  • CIP/SIP process & equipment assessment
  • Conceptual CIP designs

  • Process flow diagram w/CIP zones, spray devices, pipe flow calculations, etc.

CIP testing
Multi-level proof-of-concept tests - including: 

  • Bench scale (laboratory) clean-ability testing in our test facility

  • Full scale cleaning tests - using McFlusion test equipment either in your facility or in our test facility 

CIP unit rental
Short-term rental of portable CIP unit(s) for:
  • On-site CIP testing
  • Validation activities, herewith CIP cycle development

  • Overcome bottlenecks or replace existing defective and/or ineffective CIP systems